Welcome to Dimension Makers.

Local 3D Printing & Woodworking from Makers and Crafters, not Salesmen.

Dimension Makers is a local 3D Prototyping, Printing, Design, and woodworking business. We are looking to help you turn your idea into reality, make that perfect gift, design that custom part, or provide support and service for people looking to start 3D Printing and Design.

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Contact us.

Need a gift? Need to prototype an idea? Looking for some 3D tech support? Feel free to give us a call! We can then discuss what would be the best option to get what you need done.

We work with you.

After figuring out the best way to make and craft what you are looking for, we work with you on how to best get it accomplished in a timely and cost effective manner.

The work begins.

After settling on a mutual price and timeline, we get started. We design, make, and support what you came to us for.

You get your product!

After your purchase is finished being created, we can drop it off, ship it out, or you can come by and pick it up. 

What our
customers say

We love our customers, and they love us
  • It was such a pleasure to work with...

    Dimension Makers is a 3D printing bureau located in Corpus Christi, Texas. They have DLP and FDM printers onboard that make it possible to prototype with resins and plastics. On top of printing, they offer 3D design and 3D scanning services. Test print appears well-made: the details are precise and very smooth. Surface of the print looks nice and glossy, layer lines aren't extremely visible. Production time was quick. Company is communicative and overall really nice to work with.

    Jessica Willson

  • Best of The Best

    Mirth his quick its set front enjoy hoped had there. Who connection imprudence middletons too but increasing celebrated principles joy. Herself too improve guy winding ask expense are compact. New all paid few hard pure she.

    Adam Knows

Goodbye, salesmen!

We are makers and crafters. We want to provide you access to our skillsets. We will not try to up sale you. We want to provide you with what you are looking for, and at the price and budget you need.

Some of Our Past Projects

From big to small, and everywhere in between... and even some off to right and left.

Our Own Products

Products that have been created and designed by our own employees.

JB Wallet

Beverage Service

Harry Potter Food/Water Bowl

Organic Farm

Lamp off TARDIS

Venture Capital

On Otherwise

Venture Capital

Ready to Start?

If you are ready to get your idea's made Click below to get started
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